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This is year four of my fathers passing and it doesn't seem like it has been that long but yet it has and pretty much all I can say about it, four years.

It has come to my attention that I might have more value than I know and several people near to me have taken the time and energy to share that . They have been applying pressure for me to update my resume and start looking for better opportunities.
It is scary to consider leaving a career that I have had for 20+ years but if one is not happy with ones current situation the there must be change or parish in the flames of obscurity.

I will be keeping  my current position for now until I have landed that better job and hopefully that will be soon; I do have several good leads and none of them have to do with cars or the credit industry, we will see.

I also have an app for that :)
In case all you droid users out there were. wondering, yes the is a live journal app.

Tales from the front
McRea coat of arms
I would like to start by saying; do not speak of what you do not know!

The fact that you are not part and are now living on the outside looking in does not give you cosmic insight to what is going on.
Just the opposite; you have no possible way of knowing what is going on or what the plans are for the future, obviously those plans do not include you.
The future is on a need to know basis and obviously you don't have need to know; I am sure God will clue you in when he gets a break in his busy schedule dealing with all the clueless neophytes out in the world.

On a lighter note; the Christmas tree is up and waiting for the great deposits to start, let the holiday rush begin.
The PLAN is moving along quite smoothly and soon, very soon, I should be hearing some more promising news.
I has been 4 long years in the works and I hope that it has not been in vain.

So raise a glass to the Holidays, may yours be bright, cheerful and all that you expected.

Sinned 2.0
Well it has been a while and most people who use to read my post have gone on to better sites that are far more popular but I keep this one just because.

Life as a whole has been rather twisted as of late; Haunted castle, travel, and the new job have put a lot more demands on me than I am use to.
I will be attempting to build a bigger and better street cast after the end of this run of Haunted Castle; that's not saying that there is anything wrong with the current street cast. Just the opposite, they are fantastic, I could not have asked for a more fantastic group people to work with this year.
Going forward it has been expressed to me that there is a need to have a much larger street presence than we currently have so the task of recruitment and development has fallen to me.
The desired size going into next year is more like 30 compared to the 18 we currently have, so we are looking to almost double the current size.
I have planned out the logistics and have developed a plan to start the recruitment process; we have also planned to have at least one but more like 2 complete HC academy weekends next year and include other areas of the festival just not the street and the ghost hosts.
For now though I must keep my mind focused at the task at hand and finish this run and keep things going as stellar as they have started.
There has been very little in the way of stress and the road bumps have been dealt with and quickly. I have a very good assistant and that has been a strong plus for this year which has allowed me to do more of my job.
I have learned a lot from the people who influenced my life at festival the most (HC and OKRF), I am not saying that I am good at what I have been doing I just watch and learn and apply it. So I would have to say the people that I have learned from are very good at what they do and thank God for that.
Now we start looking forward to OKRF 2011 and see how that all will develop; so far it looks good but I will not brag, bragging is a bad thing.

Now work on the other hand has been a twisted car wreck and hopefully will get fixed soon; I am currently working to full complete jobs (at the same company) although they promise to transition away from the old job as their ability to hire on new staff increases, we will see how fast I get off of the 15 hour a day work schedule. I know right now Feleccia is tired of seeing me come home have dinner and spend about 2
hours with her then it is off to bed. When I am not traveling 4 days a week then coming home to spend the entire weekend at the castle. I can honestly say that his has been the busiest year I have had in a very long time.  
So here to busting my ass and to full steam ahead.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.........THUD
dam that sucks

I write like
Stephen King

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Long time update
It has been some time since I have updated, I don't get here very much.

> Work is going, not great but it is going.

> Festival was different this year; I still love doing festival, it was just an off year for me nothing seemed to come together.
Nothing like spending 5 weeks being completly off balance to make one think about where things are going but I have done
the soul searching and have decided that it was just an off year and I lived through it so it is all good.
Having the support of the people that you work with and the management of the Festival really helps too.

> Gearing up for Haunted Castle and putting together my character needs llist for the street this year, I have several people
already asking about the chance to be on the street this year, I am really hopingt for good turnout of signees to choose from.

> Pretty much all I post about right now, life has pretty much returned to normal, or as normal as my life gets.
There are other things in the works right now but not ready to post as of yet. Right now enjoying the decompression mode.

Letting off some post Festival steam
Yes Please
Often we forget the things to be thankful for and then we act surprised when people shun us.
The world is a small and sensitive place and is mostly  unforgiving and your mistakes can be harsh.

Festival has just ended and now comes the time for decompression, relaxation, and reflection.
Reflection on the things that worked and of course didn't work; things that didn't work can be fixed
but will take some examination on exactly how to do that.

Post Festival time (usually the first 30 days) is not time for speculation on whether people are or are not
coming back; please give me a break, I haven't pack all the garb away yet and I am hearing speculative
chatter concerning certain people who are or not  going to be in court or even involved with cast at all.
  At this who gives a flying pile of bat shit. I am tired of all the drama stirring, please stop, no one cares
about the hidden agenda's of others.

See there I go, getting my dander up because of the irrational behavior of others, go figure.

Just let it go and by Feb, 2011 we will all know who is going to be where.
I  myself plan on not changing a thing (unless told otherwise); I had an interesting year on the chess board
and thanks to my helpful supportive wife, I completely enjoyed myself. Now that I know that I can live through it
plan on fighting again next year, if the powers that be will allow me too.

Planning on a different approach to cast exchange this year at KCRF; this year I planning on taking Lord Sinned
(pre Vampire) as a FOP and see how that play's in the streets. The plus is, I will be able to warm him up before the
beginning of Haunted Castle, so win, win. I am not sure what Feleccia plans on doing but I am sure it will be grand.

Enough for now, just a little post festival venting

Last Post
anti hicks
This will be my last post about the inept dealings of the bone head that is the Dumb Ass of Arlington.
I cannot put into words just how thrilled I will be when that bloated wagon of pig manure falls off the
planet. He has taken the best team in the world and milked them down to a puddle of worthless twits
and what hurts more is that millions of loyal fans are going to have to endure the legacy of his tenure
for at least 3 years.
I know the new owners are chomping at the bit to start making changes and changes will be most welcome;
just don't fall into the Hicks trap and expect to buy yourself out of a craptacular season.

I want to personally thank Tom for the most horrific ten years any baseball fan could even think of enduring
and lets not forget his latest greatest addition to the car wreck road show that is now the Texas Rangers;
Their coke snorting fearless leader. Any other organization would have dropped Washington like a bad habit
but not our loving, caring, and deeply understanding Tom. Hell probably bought Washington the cocaine at
one of his "Lets blow this year too" party's held last summer.

I'm done, he's done, they are done; so lets pick up collective asses brush our selves off and flip Tom the
fond finger of farewell.

Well I haven't been here for a while
McRea coat of arms
It seems that I have been a little behind in my posting to this thing. I am paying for this so I guess I should using it huh.

Let's start with my favorite time of the year, that's right "Spring Training" and the beginning of the Baseball Season.
The Rangers are in full spring training mode and they seem to becoming together well; it's just a matter of time to
see if they can put together a winning combination. First thing that has to happen is getting Hicks out of the picture
and that should happen around April first.

OKRF: Well what can I say about the best festival ever; I don't know, how about it's still the best? Academies are going
very well and the cast is coming together in a manner I have not seen the in the last 5 years, it is almost scary

RG & Chess Board: Although I cant divulge any information about the chessboard I can say that being on the board has
been a experience that I would not trade for anything. I have learned so much in the short time I have involved; I did not
realize how much time and effort it took to put such a production on.
Feleccia and I have been invited to step up to the next level and I hope that we have accomplished that; I have never in
a million years thought that we would be so involved in festival when we joined 5 years ago, it has been one heck of
a ride.

Home: Life is still unsure on the home front, we are still looking to move and get away from Rogers, AR. and the wonderful
neighborhood we live in, I  don't know how much longer Feleccia can take living here.
I love my wife more than life it's self and want the best for her and I don't like to see her unhappy.

Job: Things are holding pretty stable on the work front, although the company is planning unprecedented growth over the 
next 5 years, which will open a variety of doors in the very near future and possibly allow me to make the location changes that
I have been working on for the last 4 years.

So here's to another wonderful year full of expectation and anticipation.

Did I mention Clowns Suck. :)


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